Introducing the
ultimate coaches' helper

Accubat is an innovative instructional tool that provides for quality repetitions for both baseball and softball players with reduced impact on coaches and parents. Accubat is available in two models, the Pro Model and Coaches' Helper, to suit every training need. Great for backyards and ballparks alike, this versatile tool enables instructors of all abilities to hit grounders, pop-ups, and line drives consistently and accurately every time!

Accubat (AME Innovations, Inc) – The Ultimate Coaches' helper!


Accubat (AME Innovations, Inc) – The Ultimate Coaches' helper!

Use Accubat for more efficient practices, with less wasted time and more repetitions for players. Accubat helps to increase fielding percentages and reduce costly errors on the field, and provides for hours of enjoyment within a controlled training environment. Build skills while having fun!

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